Awards and Scholarships

GKB-Coal-Magic-570The Morgan Dressage Association sponsors two unique programs designed to both further the training and education of members and their Morgans in dressage, and to celebrate the achievement of members and their mounts in the world of competition.


The Morgan Dressage Association Scholarship Program provides monies to help further the training and education of memberships and their Morgans in the sport of dressage. Please click here to see eligibility requirements and program details.  You can read about some of our past Scholarship recipients below:

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The Morgan Dressage Association “Awards of Excellence” are given to the six highest scoring Morgans at each USDF and FEI level in United States Dressage Federation recognized competitions in tests, musical freestyle and dressage sport horse breeding classes during the competition year (Nov. 1 through Oct. 31.) that are ridden, handled or owned by an MDA member.  Please click here to see eligibility requirements and application.

*Para-Dressage are now part of the MDA Awards of Excellence! See the application form for details.* 


In addition to the Awards of Excellence, the Morgan Dressage Association offers a special award for Amateur Owners called the Synergy Award.  It is given to the the highest averaged score from among the Individual Level MDA Awards of Excellence (Training through FEI) that also meets the following additional requirements:

— Adult Amateur riders must compete on a horse registered only to them.

— Jr. Amateur riders must compete on a horse registered only to them or their immediate family.

— Competitors must be recognized as USDF amateur riders.

— The score submitted must meet or exceed 65%

— Scores from USDF Rider (equitation) classes and Musical Freestyle classes do not apply.

The single winner of this award will receive a custom embroidered fleece cooler as recognition for their teamwork. See the Awards of Excellence application form for more details.

Congratulations to past MDA Awards of Excellence Winners:

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AMHA Open Competition Program. The American Morgan Horse Association honors individuals who promote the Morgan breed in open competition through their Open Competition Program. For Year-End Awards in dressage, five scores from the same level must be submitted. In addition, Bronze, Silver and Gold Medallions are given to honor life-time achievements. A Half-Morgan Open Competition Program is also available. Please visit the AMHA Open Competition page for more information and details.  Below is a list of Bronze, Silver and Gold Medallion recipients

Database of Morgans that have earned AMHA Open Competition Program Silver and Gold Medallions.

USDF Adequan®/All-Breeds Awards. The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) also recognizes excellence in the sport with their All-Breeds Awards. Individuals and their Morgans compete at all levels—from Training through Grand Prix in several divisions. Please visit the USDF website for more details and requirements. Past All-Breeds Winners are listed below:

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