Connecting from the start

As spring begins to emerge from an ever-lasting winter, snow the broodmares have carried on their broad backs begins to fade and the “seems like forever” waiting game of a prospective foal is coming to an end. This is an opportunity to share with our Morgan mares and prepare our new foals to become lifelong partners. In this article we address how we clarify the gaps between our roles as caretaker/food provider, companion and leader.

 Desensitization: A Path to Mutual Trust

katrina_crie_1Morgans as a breed tend to be deeply sensitive and aware, carrying many generations who were bred, foaled, and handled in a mixed human/herd environment. One of the keys to success in understanding their maturation process and trainability is to honor and work with these preexisting, strong genetic traits. If we want to engage fully and utilize these gifts of awareness and sensitivity, we can begin the process before the foal is even born. The pathway begins with our willingness to use proper herd etiquette and solid boundaries about what is acceptable and what is not as we introduce ourselves as reliable herd leaders while remaining responsive to the sensitivities that each horse presents. Continue reading “Connecting from the start”